What is FeG?

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The word free in our name represents ‘redeemed’, ‘independent’ and ‘voluntary’.

  • Jesus has redeemed us from sin and overwhelming cares. We want to explore this freedom and live in it.
  • As Free Protestant Churches we are independent of the government and of state churches.
  • Free emphasizes every person’s freedom to believe in Jesus Christ and to become a member of our church.
  • The offerings that support various ministries of the Convention FeG and its member churches are voluntary.
  • Furthermore, we encourage voluntary involvement in our church activities.


We call ourselves Protestants, because we share the heritage of the Reformation with other Protestant churches. The four pillars of the Reformation form the core of our beliefs: by grace alone, in Christ alone, by Scripture alone and by faith alone. We demonstrate our faith by passing on the Gospel and in discipleship. We seek unity with other Christians in state churches and independent churches, and we cooperate with them — for instance, within the Evangelical Alliance (DEA) and in the Fellowship of Christian Churches (ACK).


We believe that the congregation is a fellowship of believers who serve God together. In our services we celebrate and praise God, listen to His Word and experience fellowship with one another, so as to fortify ourselves as we live our faith in our daily lives. In addition, we meet up in small groups to strengthen relationships and our faith. Our common motto is: Moved by God’s love, we build living churches.

Roughly 500 churches counting more than 42,000 members belong to the Convention of Free Protestant Churches in Germany (Bund Freier evangelischer Gemeinden in Deutschland).

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