Girls in Action (ages: 8 to 13 years)


GIA – attention, girls!

This is where friendships are created. It’s one of the best periods of childhood, and we have a special take on companionship and activity — our girls’ group Girls in Action (ages 8 – 13 years). Of course, we’ve also got a boys’ group – the Wild Boys.

Wondering what it would be like if you came to the girls’ group at the FeG Mannheim on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. (fortnightly)?

We’ll tell you!

About 15 girls gradually enter the room and home in on the creative attendance contest in order to bag another point. Whether it’s collecting pearls for a chain, having a kite rise to another level, collecting stickers in a treasure box or lining up snow crystals on a mobile: the contest is evaluated after about 15 weeks and everyone gets to take their treasures — and maybe a certificate — home.

Mädchenjungschar in der FeG Mannheim

During the 90 minutes that we spend together, we sing together, play indoor and outdoor games, solve puzzles, watch movies, do arts & crafts, have parties and listen to stories about God and the people who have met Him. We always have a little snack and something to drink, sometimes even a delicious meal, with lots of time to chat.

Our sleepover weekend with a great activity programme and a long movie night in our church is a highlight of the year, as are excursions to the swimming pool, Koller Island and to the annual Girls’ Group Day.

Time passes quickly and at the end of each group meeting we part with a special handshake.

Wouldn’t you like to join us? We’d be happy to have you!