Wild Boys (age: 8 to 13 years)

Wild Boys

On Thursdays it can get a bit wild at our church location (Eisenbahnstraße 14, 68199 Mannheim). That’s because our boys’ group from Year 3 (ages 8 to 13 years) commences at 6 p.m.. Sticking a polka dot on the attendance chart has become a ritual for the boys, with an end-of-year prize for the best attendee.


We start off by listening to God’s Word. A short devotion of about 15 minutes helps us to focus on God and to hear what He has done for us. We want to give our children a moral compass. And then comes the storm: everyone joins in the games enthusiastically. Activities such as spider football, ‘mop’ hockey and chocolate eating contests vie with paper aeroplane construction.

Sadly, the allotted time flies by much too fast. But before we part we participate in our annual competition: Everyone has a shot at our soccer target training goal. At the end of the school year the winner gets a prize.

When the final ball has found its target, parents are already waiting to pick up their kids. All that’s left is to look forward to next week’s Wild Boys session.

Would you like to join us? Drop by and join in!


If you have any questions, let us know at: contactor write an email to; info@feg-mannheim.de