Our mission and our values

The FeG Mannheim, despite its inherent attraction, is not an end in itself. We have a mission, and we have guidelines on how to accomplish it. We are guided by our values. Our mission and our values will give you an idea of who we are and what is important to us.

Our mission

God has called us to assist others in getting to know Jesus Christ, living with him and serving him.

Our values

Worshipping God in response to His love and His care

Inspired by God’s grace, we wish to worship and honour God as individuals and collectively by praying and listening, in song and praise, through times of private and corporate worship, and by dedication and sanctification in our private lives.
(Romans 12,1; Hebrews 13,15; Colossians 3,16-17)

Living in close communion with Jesus Christ and His Spirit

We seek unity and communion with Jesus Christ and His Spirit by: reading the Scriptures and seeking to apply them, praying individually and collectively, partaking of the Lord’s Supper, and praying for forgiveness for our sins. For the fruit of the Spirit can only thrive within a close communion with Christ.
(John 15,5; Ephesians 4,15)

Building the church by ministering to others

We strive to instruct and equip people as they practice effective discipleship by: encouraging fellowship and participation in church ministries, teaching the Scriptures, and setting personal examples as we build and develop the Church of Jesus Christ.
(Ephesians 4,11-12)

Cultivating enduring and supportive fellowship

We desire to live and experience fellowship as Christ’s congregation by: offering and receiving support, working towards unity in diversity, nurturing small groups as well as corporate services, and supporting our local church while cherishing links to other churches.
(Romans 12,4-5; Ephesians 4,16)

Shaping a contemporary congregation rooted in Christ’s mandate while incorporating local culture

We attempt to find ways and means of reaching the people in our surroundings with the Gospel without deviating from God’s strictures for a godly life.
(Matthew 28,19; 1 Corinthians 9,21-23; 10,32-33)

Serving with our gifts and means

We want to enable everyone to find their place in the congregation and its ministries according to their individual strengths and talents.
(1 Peter 4,10; Romans 12,6-8)

Spreading the Gospel through word and deed

We aspire to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’ of the world, as Christ commanded, by practicing a lifestyle that is guided by the Holy Spirit – exercising charity, engaging with society, and bearing witness.
(Matthew 5,14; Luke 9,1-2; John 20,21; 1 Peter 3,15)

Building trusting relationships to people outside the church

We wish to establish friendly relationships with the people around us, showing hospitality and reaching them with the Message.
(John 1,41.43.45)

Letting God’s love guide us in every respect

We want to be guided by God’s love and truth in our ties to God, to our own families, to our brothers and sisters in the church of Christ, and to people outside the church, becoming messengers of God’s love in this world.
(1 John 3,18; 4,7-8; Romans 5,5b; Matthew 22,37-40)

Achieving balance among our various ministries

We aim to equip our various ministries – namely, praising God, supporting discipleship, establishing a loving fellowship, exercising charity, and spreading the Gospel – in a balanced manner so as to ensure healthy growth in our church.

You can find a structured summary of our mission and values on our flyer.