Small groups

During the week

Our small groups and connect groups are our church’s lifeline

Many members and friends of our church meet in small groups (connect groups) during the week. These small groups are as unique and diverse as the people who participate in them. Nevertheless, all of them have the same aim: their members want to practice and share their faith with others in everyday life.

We talk about the questions of life, the Bible and how we experience God in our lives. Small groups enable us to cherish trusting and confidential relationships. We support one another through prayer and by practical assistance.


Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays – weekly or fortnightly


In apartments and houses in different parts of Mannheim and neighbouring regions:
Rheinau – Pfingstberg – Casterfeld – Neckarau – Feudenheim – Seckenheim
Schwetzinger Vorstadt – Neckarhausen – Plankstadt – Heddesheim – Almenhof


Everyone is invited to experience our church and its fellowship for themselves. We have connect groups for young adults, families, all ages and seniors.


We’re happy to get you in touch with a suitable connect group.
Email to: (Barbara Schlegel)
It would help us if you could mention your age, which day(s) of the week would suit you and whether you’d prefer a specific part of town.