The FeG Mannheim couldn’t exist without the many volunteers who shape the church with the help of their teams. The pastor and the elders, who are elected for four years, bear overall responsibility. In addition, deacons supervise individual areas of ministry.


The elders currently called to serve in our leadership team:

Johannes Best - Pastor

Raised in Kassel, Johannes became pastor of the FeG Mannheim in 2018. After completing his degree at the Theologischen Hochschule Ewersbach, he was pastor of an FeG near Stuttgart. Johannes loves Jesus, his wife Rahel und their three children, the sun, and chocolate. He balances this by going for runs or tending his garden in Neuhermsheim.

Roland Brethauer

Roland has lived in Mannheim and been a member of the FeG for well-nigh 25 years -- in his opinion a very satisfactory state of affairs! He works as a project manager for a software company; he's married & father of four adult children. He's enthusiastic about church ministry, lego, jazz, politics & history, gardening, and ballroom dancing.

Simon Haug

After completing his degree at the Theologischen Hochschule Ewersbach, Simon was drawn to the Rhine-Neckar region, so he could continue studying theology at the University of Heidelberg. He and his wife Beate got to know and love the FeG Mannheim, and made it their spiritual base. Simon is partial to good coffee, chess, deep engrossing discussions, and youth ministry.

Ina Schmidt

Ina, who was born and bred in the Ruhr region, came to Mannheim with her husband Uwe in 1989. A mother of two adult children, she loves sharing her faith and learning more about life with Jesus in the company of young and old. She's passionate about handicrafts, exploring the outdoors by bike, on foot or by boat, talking with people about God and the world, and social gatherings.

Dorothee Schultheis

Though not a native of Mannheim, Dorothee, her husband and her daughter have long been a part of the FeG Mannheim church family. She combines her family life and church duties with a job in HR at a local college. In addition to the challenges of her desk job, she enjoys being creative in the kitchen or gathering flowers.

Ernst-Rainer Tirpitz


The deacons currently called to serve in the leadership team:

Daniel Cappel - Deacon for Administration

Educated in Marburg und Würzburg, Daniel has been working and living in Mannheim with his family for more than a decade. He enjoys meeting up with friends and engaging in DIY projects around the house. He supports the FeG Mannheim in administrative tasks and is an advocate for sustainability.

Bettina Peters - Deacon for Sunday Services

Barbara Schlegel - Deacon for Small Groups

A non-native, Barbara now enjoys living in the 'City of Squares'. That's because it's well-connected to locations such as her work-place in Stuttgart, as well as the Odenwald, the Palatinate Forest und the German Wine Route, where she often goes for walks and to enjoy nature. She loves the FeG for its fellowship.

Uwe Schmidt - Treasurer

Born and raised in Essen, Uwe moved to Mannheim in 1989 after completing his engineering degree. Being project manager for power stations, he has an affinity to numbers and appreciates human relationships. He enjoys the outdoors on his bicyle or on a boat – especially with his wife, his two adult children and friends.

Kai Spatz - Deacon for Children & Young People

Kai was born and raised in Mannheim, so he's proud of the many churches that are located in "his" city. His enthusiasm for children's and young people's ministry extends well beyond the FeG: you'll find him serving on Summer Camp (SOLA) Mannheim, increasing his outreach. He's absolutely people-oriented and recharges his batteries by having people around him. As such, he enjoys parties and inviting people over to his place.