BigMessage is an initiative of Christians in the Rhine-Neckar region that seeks fellowship with youth to refer to God, Jesus, and the Bible. Over 100,000 young people live in the Rhine-Neckar region. Only a fraction of them have come to know Jesus Christ as a personal savior. BigMessage cares about these kids. We want to show them a way to God and thus to eternal life. Our team consists of Christians from different Protestant communities in Mannheim and the surrounding area. The basis of our cooperation is the belief in the God of the Bible and his son Jesus Christ. Through various creative actions, we want to raise awareness and allow young people to connect with Christian groups in their „neighborhood“. We would like to take attention-grabbing actions, such as football tournaments, youth worship services or music events. We would like to address especially those who do not know God, and give young Christians the opportunity to bring their friends with them. The actions should be geared to making Christianity interesting, to talk to young people and to show them the possibilities of local youth circles. The youth work of the local communities should not be replaced, but where it is helpful, networked and supported for the young people. Of course, we are not interested in offering young people alternatives to their own youth circle, but rather to show them offers in their area without having a permanent group affiliation. With pleasure we distribute information material of the local youth circles and support local groups in the implementation of own actions. Visit us!